sailboat charter in Fort Pierce


Compare and see that nobody beats our prices:

Unlike our competition:

  • No deposit is required!

  • Money refunded due to bad weather or equipment problems!

Sailing or Cruising:

Half-Day $50/person + tax,  4 hours (Includes water, snacks  and soft drinks) Sunset Cruises available.

Full Day $85/person + tax,  8 hours  (Includes water snacks and soft drinks)

Extended overnight cruises:
Two days/overnight  $200.00/person, 24 hours, 4 meals.

Three days/2 nights $300.00/person, 48 hours - 7 meals

Extended cruises:
7 days, 6 nights, $2100.00 

Additional days for extended cruises $300.00/day.

Inshore Fishing:

Half day fishing $200.00

Full day fishing $400.00
Sailing lessons available upon request.